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We are based in Switzerland as a flexible enterprise and are happy and comfortable to work around the globe. Our speciality is the conservation of architectural surfaces, including decorated surfaces such as wall paintings and mosaics.

Our mission

Through the application of our skills in documentation, material research, and the planning and execution of interventions, we aspire to enhance the enjoyment of built heritage.

Examples of our Services

Climatelog App

Let us help you to get started with a remote climate data survey. We have an inexpensive and smart Open Source solution for you.

Material properties

We determine physical properties of building materials in-situ or in the laboratory.

Building research

We determine execution techniques and layer sequences on plastered and painted surfaces.

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Examples of our work

Visual documentation of Roman mosaics in Bulla Regia

The visual documentation of over 130 mosaics was executed by mandate of the MOSAIKON initiative.

Conservation of the Crusader Mosaic in Jerusalem

The uncovering of the mosaic was completed delicately and its loose tesserae were stabilized with a restoration mortar.

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