Visual documentation of Roman mosaics in Bulla Regia

The visual documentation of over 130 mosaics was executed by mandate of the MOSAIKON initiative.

Conservation of the Crusader Mosaic in Jerusalem

The uncovering of the mosaic was completed delicately and its loose tesserae were stabilized with a restoration mortar.

Development of a frost-resistant restoration mortar

During an applied research project, a frost-resistant restoration mortar was developed for the Roman archaeological site in Avenches, Switzerland.

Structural grouting of Roman masonry

Roman masonry in Augst, Switzerland, was stabilized using a grout composed of fine quartz-sand, lime, and highly reactive metakaolin.

Fungus infestation on Roman architecture

The Fontain House is a Roman underground structure in Augst, Switzerland. A fungus infestation had started to pose potential harm to the historic mortar and visitor health and experience.

Development of web-application for remote climate monitoring

In compliance with Open Source climate loggers, we developed and provide the ClimatelogApp -- a web-application based on Django and Plotly.